Google Apps: Too Many IMAP Connections

Posted on October 2, 2009 at 8:08 PM in General

I recently moved all of my email over to Google Apps because I was sick and tired of fighting spam. Everything worked great for about a month. Now, however, I am perpetually locked out of my email - whether via a desktop client or via my iPhone. This is obviously utterly unacceptable.

I have searched and searched and searched the Google forums and documentation, and cannot find a &*(&@^## solution. I can, however, find lots and lots of threads and posts of people having the exact same problem, with absolutely no solution being posted. So I now turn to you, my fellow CFers, in hopes of an answer.

A) Do you use IMAP with Gmail (regular or Google Apps) and have found a solution to this issue?

B) Do you use another IMAP mail service (free or not) that you can and will recommend?

I look forward to your responses!

UPDATE (10/6/09)

It boggles my mind that Google is trying to get companies to pay them for email (and other) services when they refuse to even attempt to support their services. With so many people using both the free and paid Google Apps services experiencing the exact same problem, the issue is obviously a serious one and if Google intends to play in the corporate email/document world, then they had better get their act together and start servicing their offerings.

After being held hostage by Google for five days, I decided that enough is enough. I am now quite happily paying Rackspace $34 per month for MS Exchange hosting. I no longer have any email headaches whatsoever. Spam? Gone. Lockouts? Gone. Google? Gone. :-)

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On 10/2/09 at 11:01 PM, Bill said:

Strange, we actually use Premium Google Apps for our corporate email and have not had a problem accessing via IMAP.

On 10/3/09 at 4:34 AM, Matt Quackenbush said:

@ Bill - I have read thread after thread after thread posted by people on both the free and paid version(s) of Google Apps who are experiencing the exact same issues. Sadly, not a single one of the threads has received a response from Google, let alone a solution to the issues. Have you made any "special" settings or configurations to support Google Apps for Domains?

On 10/3/09 at 11:25 AM, Twips said:

For iphone: try switching to ActiveSync (exchange). Google has activated this a couple of days ago (instead of using IMAP).

On 10/3/09 at 6:16 PM, Jeff Coughlin said:

I've had this same problem since Sept 3, 2009 (A month now). I posted about it on Google Support forums (as well as many many other people all asking about the same problems), but Google hasn't responded (I have a feeling that their support forums doesn't actually mean support, but just a social network for people to talk about their products).

The only response Google has given is to use their captcha release url (but it doesn't work for me. Instead I just have to wait 24 hours, then use it for a couple hours until it locks again) (replace with your actual domain. There is a separate link for standard gmail users, but I don't have it offhand).

Good luck. I hope you find a solution.

On 10/4/09 at 3:32 AM, Matt Quackenbush said:

@ Twips - Thanks for the tip. I can now successfully send/receive email again on my iPhone. However, the same stupid error message persists with Outlook, in spite of the fact that I now have one client and one client only (Outlook) using IMAP.

@ Jeff - I am in full agreement with your assessment of Google "Support" forums. They're a joke. Regarding the CaptchaUnlock link, I am not sure what exactly is suppose to happen with that, but when I go to it, all it does is redirect me to the Dashboard (no changes in any behavior).

On 10/4/09 at 5:47 AM, Mark Flewellen said:

We had similar problems at our workplace, we changed the lookup time to every 20 minutes rather than every 10 minutes. Pretty sure I found somewhere that google blocks the connections if it receives to many authentication requests for a partiuclar account. To release this if it happens use the captcha unlock (

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