cfUniForm v3.5 Released

Posted on February 8, 2010 at 3:39 PM in ColdFusion, Uni-Form Tag Library

I have just released cfUniForm v3.5, which can be downloaded from the riaforge project page. This latest version includes a couple of minor bug fixes as well as a new 'enctype' attribute for your form tag, which allows you to create your own upload fields without relying on the built-in type="file" field.

Be sure to check out the new multiple uploads demo as well as the updated FAQs page.

A big "thank you!" goes to Byron Raines for providing the use case for the multiple uploads (one I had not thought of) as well as submitting a couple of patches for bugs (related to providing an ID for individual fields).

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On 2/10/10 at 8:58 PM, TJ Downes said:

Thanks Matt. We appreciate your hard work on cfUniform. I know it has already made my job easier!

On 2/10/10 at 9:40 PM, Matt Quackenbush said:

@ TJ - You're quite welcome! Glad to hear that it has been useful. :-)

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